ransitioning into adulthood can be a bit much and for this purpose I decided to search for materials to assist myself; from books to audios to thesis conducted, and with happiness in my heart I am pleased to say I have discovered and put into practice several techniques which have had tremendous impacts on my life. The results have been so great that I have decided to share the information gathered with you, hence, the development of myselfguide.com

Myselfguide is a personal development blog created to provide information on various techniques for bettering one’s self. From the way you think about yourself to the way you talk to yourself and other  issues that arise from “Adulting”.

However, because there are no one size fits all in the journey of life, I encourage you to search further and gather information related to your specific need as I can assure you there are tons of information out there to help you. But I believe, if you put to use the information published here, you will be on the right part to achieving a better you.

Without further ado, I say a very big welcome to you; my reader, and I hope you find useful the numerous information published here.


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